Michael joined Bowker in June 1999 as VP, Editorial, Production and Product Development. In this role he was responsible for implementing major process improvements in editorial and the launch of strategic new products such as booksinprint.com. In April 2000, some Bowker functions we consolidated under a shared service organization and his responsibilities changed to include Product Development, Business Development and International Operations. In this role, Michael led the strategic planning activities for Bowker, managed the launch of booksinprint.com, Ulrichsweb.com and globalbooksinprint.com and supervised key business relationships with customers such as Barnes & Noble, Borders and Ingram.

Building an Intelligent Publishing Supply Chain: Leveraging Technology and Communications to Improve Supply Chain Efficiency, Reduce Costs and Increase Profits

We will be increasingly weighed down by the structural inefficiencies within the publishing business. Some outsiders would characterize our business as rigid and highly structured and its participants as untrustworthy and suspicious. Publishing must become more collaborative and flexible for the good of all participants in this industry.

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